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    • Know more about 50 dragons slot, a simple casino game created by Aristocrat

    • Know more about 50 dragons slot, a simple casino game created by Aristocrat

      50 dragons slot is one of the best Aristocrat games which are available on both online and land-based casinos. The slot has a far-eastern theme and it quite similar to 5 dragons slot which is also created by Aristocrat. Besides oriental icons, players will find an Aristocrat setup in 50 dragons slot machine online. And besides offers like free spins, players have a chance to pick black or red or even suits for a card that is chosen randomly. Keep reading this 50 dragons slot review to learn more.

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    Minimum Bet
    0.01 per line
    Maximum Bet
    100 per line

    More information about 50 dragons slot


    To benefit more from 50 dragons slot a person will find 2 special symbols that appear any time to bring luck. The 1st symbol is the wild which can emerge on reels two, three, four and five. This symbol can substitute all other 50 dragons slot symbols apart from the extra card. The scatter in 50 dragons slot can emerge on reels one, two and three. If a person finds three or more scatters, he or she will win ten free spins. And when the extra feature is on, 50 dragons slot players can get three or more scatters which will re-initiate that feature and bring five extra turns. Some of the benefits players can get when they initiate the 50 dragons slot bonus feature include:
    • When the free round is on, a player will not need to invest any money.
    • Free spins can get re-initiated. This will allow gamblers to increase the wagering time. This is a crucial benefit when playing 50 dragons slot or any other slot machine. This is because with it players might win a lot of money for free.
    • After every 50 dragons slot round, the probability of scoring goes up.
    Also, players can benefit more from 50 dragons slot by combining the available icons with the wild symbol. Once they do that, the number of possible outcomes will go up. Bear in mind that 50 dragons slot is based on RNG. This offers randomness after every spin letting players to have a wonderful gaming experience. The chances of winning in 50 dragons slot can again be increased if gamblers set the highest number of lines. Players who are interested in the highest payout should attempt getting five dragon symbols.

    Most popular options of casino

    50 dragons slot is offered at most online and land-based gambling places. The most preferred online casinos to play 50 dragons slot include:
    • Slotty Vegas
    • All British
    • Guts
    • Royal Panda
    • Casumo

    The most popular games

    The most popular gambling offers include:
    • Craps
    • Poker
    • Blackjack
    • Roulette
    • Slots

    Devices which the demanded casino is available

    The casinos where 50 dragons slot can be played are accessible on PC and mobile devices via a web browser. A mobile download version is also available for Android and iOS devices.

    Payment and security questions

    Does money earned through gambling get taxed?

    Yes. But there are some countries where the money earned from 50 dragons slot and other games is not taxable. Also, it depends on whether the gambler is a resident in that nation he/she is playing in or he/she is only a visitor. Other factors that determine whether gambling earnings should be taxed include the sum earned and whether a person is playing online or at a land-based casino. So, if you win a huge amount, consult a professional about the tax liabilities involved.

    Which methods do gamblers use to deposit and withdraw money?

    Each gambling operator has its own banking methods. The most common ones that almost all casinos around the world have include e-wallet, debit card, and credit card. Some casinos require players to withdraw money using the banking method they used to make a deposit. Other casinos allow customers to use different banking methods to deposit and withdraw funds. Just ensure to read the terms and conditions of the casino you choose to play at before start playing.

    What is meant by a percentage payout?

    This is the rate at which gamblers get paid vs the amount they deposit at the casino. The percentage payout is what is used to determine the probability of winning.

    Frequently asked questions

    What does the term house edge mean?

    This term describes the benefit that a gambling platform has in what it is offering the gamblers. It is expressed in percentage and that percentage is related to the ratio of the expected loss to the amount betted. For instance, if 50 dragons slot machines have a house edge of one percent, the players should expect to lose one dollar in each one hundred dollars they wager. Gambling operators normally profit through the house edge. Normally, the house edge for many gambling games is down to the fact that the winning odds are more than the paid odds.

    Why is it important to play gambling games?

    Most individuals feel that playing 50 dragons slot and other forms of gambling are foolish endeavors since it is possible to lose so much money. But gambling also has great benefits. For instance, players have a chance to have fun and they can win a lot of money within a very short time.

    What is a live dealer game?

    This is a game that offers a unique gambling experience. Live gambling is actually almost similar to playing a land-based casino. It features real-life dealers and all that takes place during the game is beamed to the gaming device through a live video. The games at the live section are played as usual and the dealers act on the players’ instructions accordingly.


    50 dragons slot machine was brought to live casinos in 2005 and since then it has stood out and is even doing better than some latest releases. Most players love 50 dragons slot choice of winning lines and its graphics which are more appealing than those of most Aristocrat games. Another great thing about 50 dragons slot is that there are many little wins to keep players’ bankroll going on while they are waiting for bonus rounds.
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